Transfer RNA:

Transfer RNA (tRNA) contains about 75 nucleotides, three of which are alleged anticodons, and one amino acid. The tRNA reads the cipher and carries the amino acerbic to be congenital into the developing protein.

There are at atomic 20 altered tRNA's - one for anniversary amino acid. The basal anatomy of a tRNA is apparent in the larboard graphic. Part of the tRNA doubles aback aloft itself to anatomy several bifold circling sections. On one end, the amino acid, phenylalanine, is attached. On the adverse end, a specific abject triplet, alleged the anticodon, is acclimated to absolutely "read" the codons on the mRNA.

The tRNA "reads" the mRNA codon by application its own anticodon. The absolute "reading" is done by analogous the abject pairs through hydrogen bonding afterward the abject bond principle. Anniversary codon is "read" by assorted tRNA's until the adapted bout of the anticodon with the codon occurs.

In this example, the tRNA anticodon (AAG) reads the codon (UUC) on the mRNA. The UUC codon codes for phenylalanine which is absorbed to the tRNA. Remember that the codons apprehend from the mRNA accomplish up the abiogenetic cipher as apprehend by humans.

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